Custom 4.3.0 Simulator Chassis

Our custom 4.3.0 simulator chassis features 4 actuators with 3″ or 76.2 mm of total travel. The 4 actuators are positioned around the driver in an ideal position to best exhibit pitch, roll, heave and various environment vibrations. The motion system is connected to a custom water-cut aluminum plate that is then connected to our lightweight polycarbonate chassis. The 4.3.0 motion chassis is a perfect compliment to any venue with one of the smallest total floor footprints of only 4 feet x 2.5 feet or 1220 x 762 mm. Doubling the effective travel range of the 4.1.5 simulator chassis allows the driver to experience greater levels of motion and environmental texture. This makes the 4.3.0 motion system more suitable for off-road, construction and flight simulations.