Vehicle Simulators

The World’s Best Car Simulator

Sigma Intégrale created the world’s first full-motion simulator using a real automobile with fully hidden technology.  Using Sigma’s patent-pending motion system, virtually any car can be made into the simulator of your choice.  Our simulators maintain the factory appearance (both on the inside and outside), while retaining the full functions of the gauge cluster, passenger seat, steering wheel, HVAC and sound system.



Sigma Intégrale’s Full Motion Simulator (FMS) uses not just a shell or model of a vehicle, but an actual road automobile as the chassis.  The automobiles are actual production vehicles that range between 3,000 ~ 7,000 lb in weight.   Using a real car, all of the original functions and features are retained (including details such as the infotainment system, windshield wipers, adjustable mirrors, heated seats, glove box and compartments, and more).


The use of our simulators has proven to be a very effective tool for demonstrations and sales.  Automakers who invest millions of dollars in each major auto show can use our FMS to guarantee traffic and drive the interest into their new vehicles.

As seen in the history of the shows our simulators have been featured in, a steady flow of traffic and lineups can be expected from start to finish of every day.  [example] Given a cycle time of 2-3 minutes per visitor experience and a 8-12 hour show day, we estimate roughly 250 – 350 visitors can cycle through the FMS each day. Sigma Intégrale’s FMS can also carry as many passengers as the vehicle allows, further maximizing the experience and value.