Project Meteor


Project Meteor is a remotely operated Peterbilt 579 semi-truck. The project was started in house in response to industry feedback from drivers and companies and their growing set of market challenges. Our main goal for Project Meteor is to improve the lives of thousands of truck drivers across the country by keeping them local and at home with their families. Businesses also benefit by being able to run their trucks non-stop to meet tighter delivery schedules and access a new talent pool of remote operators. Present day autonomous vehicle technologies are used in conjunction with remote operation to assist the remote driver and take control in emergency situations, loss of signal events or during driver changeover. It is our belief that pure autonomous technologies are still far away and have yet to be tested in all possible environmental and operational situations.

In the next couple of decades, a specialized mixed autonomous market will develop that will revolutionize the transportation industry. Sigma will be there and ready.