Previous Projects

Our technology has revolutionized the auto show industry and transformed our clients’ products into live interactive and engaging displays that attract and hold the audience connected to the brand.  Below are a sample of some of these projects.


Polaris RZR Off-Road Simulator

2019 | Polaris RZR Full Motion Simulator

Sigma Integrale, LLC has again delivered another exciting product to its full product portfolio. The Polaris RZR Turbo S Full Motion Simulator includes a custom force feedback steering system, working gauges and center console display (showing RPM, speed and the Odometer in real-time) as well as a 15″ high speed full motion system. What does that mean? In certain conditions almost any passenger is guaranteed to get lift from the simulator seat. (seat belts are advised and recommended)

New C6 Full Motion Vehicle Simulator | 6-Speed Manual

2019 | Version 3 Corvette C6 Simulator

The Version 3 of our Corvette C6 full motion simulator utilizes some of our new advanced roller screw actuators and custom motion algorithms. The system also implies a safety mechanism to stop and catch the vehicle if the 3-phase power is ever interrupting, preventing premature wear on the actuators and any unnecessary damage to the servo systems.

High Mass Vehicle Motion Platforms

2018 | Full Motion Vehicle Simulation and Testing Platform

The full motion vehicle platform is a universal platform that allows the mounting of high powered 6-10″ direct drive actuators in the corner of a custom metal frame with properly mounted roller screw actuators. The motion platform has a capacity of 5 tons and a speed of up to 10″/sec.

Volkswagen USA GTI Track Challenge

2018 | Volkswagen GTI Track Challenge

The GTI Track Challenge are two Volkswagen GTI Full Motion Vehicle Simulators connected together and competing against each other on the same race track. The vehicle feature 3″ of total and authentic wheel travel which include pitch, roll and heave moments as well road texture, vibration and impact. The experience last approximately 3-5 minutes per driver and the results are displayed and tracked via our custom event management software. Prizes are give to the fastest driver from the pre-registration data. Each vehicle can have a total of 4 adults at approximately 200 lbs each and hence offers a high throughput of up to 4000 participants per week.

2017 | Dodge Demon Drag Wheelie Simulator

The Dodge Demon is a unique car. It is the only car that is capable of doing a wheelie off the line for almost 3 feet due to its raw power, sticky tires and unique drag setup. Sigma Integrale was commissioned to recreate this experience in a fun an unique way. So we created two Dodge Demon Simulators that race, side by side race with a real NHRA drag racing tree. The drivers launch the car using the vehicles launch control which involves holding the accelerator all the way down, depressing and holding the right up-shift paddle and waiting for the light to go green. Timing is everything to get the car launch at the right time. Then as you fly down the strip at over 120 mph you up-shift at around 6300 RPM to achieve the best trap speed.

2016 | Peterbilt 579 Class 8 Truck Simulator

The Peterbilt 579 is the world’s first mobile truck simulator. For the Consumer Electronics Shows in 2017, Sigma Integrale drove the truck from our headquarters in Pomona, California to Las Vegas, Nevada, installed the 4″ motion system, interior projection and allowed participants of the show to drive a Peterbilt 579 virtually in the streets of Las Vegas. Typical of our simulators the gauges, controls, air conditioning and pedals all worked. Sound was played over the existing in cab stereo speakers and the pneumatic brakes were charged via an electric on board compressor.

2016 | High Travel Dune Buggy Full Motion Simulator

The Dune Buggy is a research and design demonstration by Sigma to test 11″ of travel and suspension articulation of a double wishbone off road simulator. The Dune buggy weighs just over 1600 lbs and responds quickly to any changes in motion, surface texture, impacts and engine vibration. The buggy is also completely functional and may be converted back to a buggy by just swapping the steering and the motion struts back to their original parts. The buggy was first previewed at the CES 2016 trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada with great success.

2016 | Chevrolet Cruze Bolt On Driving School Simulator

The Chevrolet Cruze was a special project created for our partner company in China. 10 units were sold to driving schools and vocational schools in China to help speed up the development of new drivers and mechanics. The Chevrolet Cruze was unique in that it was a complete bolt on package. Meaning that the engine, transmission, fuel tank and suspension components could be removed and then put back in at a later time and make the car fully road legal again.

2015 | Dodge Viper SRT Manual Simulator

Dodge Viper is one of our first full motion vehicle simulator with an actual 6 speed manual transmission. The low vehicle weight in addition to the removal of the V10 engine, transmission, fuel tank and differential made the overall body weight of the vehicle just above 2000 lbs. All other systems have been retained in the car to maintain an authentic look and feel to the brand.  The extremely light and rigid chassis really allows for the heave, pitch, roll, vibration and impact to be translated to the driver or passenger as seen in the video below. The vehicle was first featured at the Chrysler Dealer Auto Show in Las Vegas 2015.

2015 | Dodge Challenger and Charger Simulators

The Dodge Challenger and Charger come in a variety of model options but share the same underlying chassis and suspension designs. They have a very rigid frame design and hence are an excellent base for a motion simulator. Vehicles like the Dodge Hellcat are fast, responsive, and allow thousands of people to experience and drive a Hellcat first hand in a simulated but safe environment. The Challenger and Charger are also the longest running simulators with thousands of hours and virtual miles collected. In the past two years, the two cars thrilled thousands of participants in more than 80 shows.  Most notably at the State Fair of Texas, the red Dodge Charger below ran 30-days straight with no issues completing over 19,500 virtual miles with over 12,000 drivers and passengers recorded.

2014 | Fiat 500 Abarth Simulator

This 2013 Abarth is a light, turbo-powered, 6-speed manual performance model for the Fiat 500. The Abarth utilizes a front McPherson strut and a rear Torsion beam suspension design typically found in small cars. The suspension design actually proved to be a challenge for our team. The small trunk and hatch space of the Abarth made it more difficult for our team to mount our hydraulics out of view and to accurately simulate the actual travel, speed, rate and effective angle. The Abarth was only shown at the 2014 SEMA show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

2014 | RAM 1500 Truck Simulator

The RAM 1500 Laramie Longhorn with a Crew Cab and 6’4″ box is the biggest and heaviest Full Motion Simulator Sigma Intégrale has ever built.  The vehicle weighs over 6,000 lbs and has a unique rear axle coil spring suspension design.  Sigma was able to provide accurate motion to the RAM in a virtual driving experience across the United States starting in Los Angeles and ending in New York. The RAM is also unique in that it lowers two inches, just like the real truck, to allow drivers and passengers to easily enter and exit the truck before the simulation begins.

2014 | Chevrolet C6 Vehicle Simulator

In order to showcase Sigma Intégrale’s latest technology, we created the world’s most exciting and high-performance simulator using the latest hardware and software. With high end triple 4k computer graphics and an incredibly responsive motion and steering systems, this truly is the world’s best car simulator.  Sigma Intégrale has first showcased this simulator at the 2015 Shanghai International Auto Show with great success. Participants got the experience the pure V8 power of the Corvette around the Nurburgring, in Germany.