Volkswagen GTI Simulators – nearly 4000 rides per show

The Volkswagen GTI simulators were built in early 2018 and have done multiple auto shows and events in one year. The GTI simulator regularly allow for 4000 to 5000 participants to experience the brand in a fun and interactive way.

The Volkswagen GTI simulators were created in collaboration with George P. Johnson Company (Detroit, Michigan) and Volkswagen USA (Herndon, Virginia) solely to demonstrate the fun, responsive and quick nature of the the all new Turbo Volkswagen GTI. Participants sign a legal waiver, jump in the two GTI and just press the gas pedal to race against one another. The race takes place at the famous Vallelunga Club Circuit in Italy. The circuit is ideal in highlighting the characteristics of the VW GTI’s performance features and enhances the brand experience.

Vallelunga Club circuit - Assetto Corsa
Vallelunga Club Circuit, featuring a wonderful variety of 9 turns and door to door racing.

The simulators are full motion and move according to the inputs of the driver. Driving the experience are four powerful 3-phase 2 kw electric motors placed in lieu of the actual vehicle suspension. The motors and actuators are placed in such a way as to offer the most suspension travel, longevity and speed of movement. Inside the vehicle the force feedback wheel is limited to 360 degrees of rotation but the steering is speed variable to allow all levels of drivers to experience the fun ‘hot hatch’ nature of the GTI! The speedometer, tachometer and odometer all work and collect real-time data. Lap times, impacts, off track conditions and all other metrics are collected and reviewed periodically to improve the experience.

The experience typically takes 3 minutes to complete with up to 4 adults in the vehicle. The average lap time is just about 1 minute flat with the top drivers getting into the low 57 seconds. Lineups can get as long as 60 minutes for the experience but watching other people negotiate the track as you wait in line is entertainment in itself and a good opportunity to learn the track.

The Volkswagen GTI simulators are another example of Sigma Integrale’s dedication and commitment to the Volkswagen brand and the automotive spirit. These GTI’s not only put people in great driving cars but they also put thousands of smiles on faces. 🙂