FAQ 11

Sigma is a mathematical summation signal, and Integrale or the proper integration of the summation of all the parts in the system is important for a well tuned product. Similarly in a race car or airplane, its not just one aspect of the car, plane or craft that has to have excellent execution, but all aspects of the system have to be executed in concert with one another, leveraging each of their individual strengths as a coherent whole.

In short what this means is that we here at Sigma believe that its not just one or two things that you have to do well to have a great turn key system. You have to be able to finely control and create all areas of the system which includes the Mechanical, the Electrical and the Software, and their final integration. Sigma Integrale initially started in 2008 as Sigma Racing Time Attack (SRTA Inc.) and held time attack competition in Toronto Canada. SRTA was a popular racing series and quickly attracted various drivers to its easy to enter and participate. What we did different even back then was create an easy group system, payment system and integrated our own live leaderboard and Time Attack structure. Ultimately in 2011 we decided to bring racing simulators to our events, incorporating both real and virtual racing competitions and awards. We quickly saw the connection and decided to import and build custom motion chassis. In 2015 Sigma was asked by a large OEM to build a full motion simulator for their Autoshows and R&D needs. Since then we have quickly built various types of motion systems and vehicles, from small ATV's with 18" of wheel travel, to 7000 lbs. car platforms, to small trucks and large big rigs.