Designed, engineered and built to order in the USA. Shipping worldwide.

Advanced turnkey motion system with Motion Integrity and True Haptics, our most advanced haptic feedback engine. Each DK system is specially engineered to represent the pure dynamic nature of vehicle simulations without the use of artificial effects.

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Unique Features of all DK Systems

  • American made motion system with premium support and components.
  • Billet aluminum and steel design for ultimate strength and haptic feedback.
  • Nickel plated solid steel pistons for ultimate strength, loading and durability.
  • Industry only 75 VDC power architecture with custom cable length options.
  • American made Teknic motors tuned and tested to work with our DK actuators.
  • Advanced motion algorithms controlling speed, acceleration and jerk in real-time.
  • Any DK motion system combination can be upgraded at anytime into the future.
  • Upgradable any time into the future from any previous models or 3 actuator systems.
DK6 housing being machined and finished from solid billet 6061 aluminum.

Mechanical Engineering

High Dynamic Mass Actuator Design

All DK motion systems are made in the USA from a solid piece aluminum for optimal strength, durability and the best haptic feedback translation. Machining from billet aluminum is significantly stronger over other methods of production such as casting, bolted assemblies or 3D printing. Each system also features a solid 2” OD steel piston and oversized ball screws for optimal smooth performance and long service life with no maintenance required. The DK system installs in less than 30 minutes to almost any aluminum extrusion with our own billet aluminum brackets and components.


Motion Specific Electrical System

Sigma uses premium American-made Teknic integrated motors specifically tuned to run Sigma’s advanced motion algorithms. At double the price of conventional motors, the servos have three times the performance of conventional motors. We are also the only company to feature 75VDC electrical architecture for various performance standards. Each motor is optically isolated guaranteeing zero electrical or magnetic interference. Cable lengths from the controller to the motors can go up to 150-feet and the controller connects via an ethernet cable to the computer for optimal signal integrity. The controller is switchable between 120/240v and ships with power cables and accessories specific to your region.


Specialized Motion Software

Sigma takes a first principles approach with our motion software and algorithms. We design, build and develop all our embedded and motion software in-house. This allows us to achieve absolute control of our simulation specific control of its mechanical and electrical integration. Our software features specialized motion layers and unique algorithms to achieve what we call Motion Integrity or the most accurate representation of simulated motion. Pitch, roll, heave, environment, and our True Haptic engine and road vibrations are some of the best in the industry. Our software also installs quickly and has automatic over-the-air software and firmware updates. Remote tuning and control of the system is convenient and can be done in real-time with a secondary device without having to stop and exit simulation software.

Pure Algorithms no Effects or Gimmicks

  • Velocity Trap Algorithm

    Our base motion algorithm is unique to Sigma and provides a smooth and natural motion representation. Available to all
    DK motion systems.

  • Dynamic Scaling Algorithm

    This algorithm allows for the full use of the actuators available stroke. Allowing all of the motion layers to be intelligently represented at all times.

  • True Haptics Algorithm

    Our first principles approach to high frequency vibrations with no canned effects. Focusing on pure signal which results in less tunning and more driving.