Software Installation Video

Software Installation

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Hardware Requirements

Hardware Requirements:

  • Windows 10/11 PC with the latest Windows system updates
  • Available ethernet or network port or USB Network Adapter
  • 1 GB of hard drive SPACE and a minimum 8GB of RAM

Please Note:

Sigma Software and Controller requires an available network port on your computer. The ethernet cable is a robust standard that allow for greater cable lengths, low latency and maximum speed for real-time data transmission.

Step 1 | Network Configuration

Step 1.1:

To setup the static IP on your network port, click on Start and Run (or press Windows + R on the keyboard) and type in ncpa.cpl like below.

Step 1.2:

Network Connections window will open. Right click the ethernet port that the motion is connected to and click on Properties.

Step 1.3:

Click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and select Properties. In the next window, select Use the following IP address: and type in as your IP Address and as your Subnet mask. Click on OK for both windows and ensure the network cable is connected between the computer and motion controller.

Step 2 | Software Installation

Step 2.1:

Please make sure Windows Operating system is fully up to date before installing Sigma Software, then click on this link [ Software Download ] to download the installer.

Step 2.2:

A link usually appears in the browser once the download is complete. Launch the app installer by clicking on the link.

Step 2.3:

When prompted click the “Install” button and allow for the installation to complete.

Step 2.4:

Once completed the application will auto launch. Click on “Allow access” or agree to any prompts to allow the application through the local Windows firewall.

Step 3 | Software Configuration

Step 3.1:

Before you Power On the system through the software, please ensure you have the actuator width and length measured and entered in inches (sorry our metric friends) in the Rig portion of the software. This ensures Motion Integrity™ or that the pitch and roll ratio is accurately represented along with the other motion layers.

Additional Features

Step 3.2 Remote User Interface

To open the Remote User Interface on the local computer, click on Settings and Remote UI option. Here you will have the local IP address shown (ex. to open in your remote browser to have access the user interface anywhere on the local area network. Almost any device with a web browser should be able to open the UI.

Step 3.3 Additional Game Settings (Dirt Rally 2.0, F1 2021/2022, Kart Kraft)

Some games require you to specify the specific port number and or settings to enable the telemetry to be sent to the motion controller. Please see the Game Settings page in the Settings tab on how to change these settings.


Step 3.4 Button Start

The Sigma Application can also be configured to start automatically with windows, start minimized and stop/start the motion (land platform) with game telemetry. To do this, visit the Automation page in the Settings tab.

However, to bind the application to something like an Elgato Stream Deck device you will need to drag and drop the Sigma Simulation icon to the left of the Windows Start button on the task bar. Then simply pressing Win + 1 or Win + 2 will launch the application in position from the start menu. (Thank-you Ola for the tip!)

Please contact us with any install or troubleshooting issues or click this