About Sigma

Sigma Integrale is a technology, research and development company for the automotive and truck markets. As a technology company, we are continuously investing in new technologies to improve the level of service and experience for our diverse clients.

Initially, Sigma's patented motion vehicle technology allowed for the suspension system of a real vehicle to move according to driving inputs experienced in a simulated virtual environment. Our technology has been successfully implemented and used around the world in everything from go-karts, economy cars, sedans, sports cars, trucks and more recently big rig semi-trucks.

Sigma does full system integration from the re-engineering suspension components, gauges, controls, various visual displays, sound and choosing the correct immersive technologies to implement in its projects. Sigma also sells its range of DK motion actuators for professional and commercial motion simulation applications. The DK product line uses a unique approach to motion simulation and is arguable the most authentic and best haptic motion system in the world.

Sigma Integrale LLC

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A brief History of Sigma:

For all those new here, this is how we started our interest in cars, technology and these crazy niche fi:

1) Howard got a PlayStation and tried Gran Turismo 1, said it was so amazing

2) Howard called Peter over, who tried GT1 and GT2 loved it, and that's how we started learning about cars

3) Howard gets a car (Honda Civic EK sedan) and starts tunning and modifying it like The Fast and the Furious, double wing spoiler and all! lol

4) Eventually realizes how impractical that is and starts going to hosted open track events

5) One day Howard and Peter noticed that the track day organizer was using a stop watch to measure our lap times, so we decided in 2008 to host our own track events, we did that for about 3 years, installing timing loops, adding online registrations and even had sim racing on our real track days with cash prizes, we called our events Sigma Time Attack

6) Arthur (now head of Software Engineering) was also tracking with us back then and made us a lap timing program to keep track of all the times! The system was solid and robust with a live leaderboard. (Funny enough we did something similar in 2021 for Volkswagen USA RC project)

7) We closed our time attack events in 2011 and went purely into Sim Racing importing Human Racing chassis and selling turn key motion systems. Our fist customer to purchase two chassis, less the motion was Lance Stroll, or his father Leo... He was just go-karting back then.

8) We then started to attend SEMA show in 2013 with our simulators (Human Racing GT Chassis with Logitech G25/27)

9) And in 2014 started working with Dodge/Chrysler, making real car simulators for Autoshows, when we launched our first exhibit they had a 2 hour line for the 3 minute experience, so it was a massive success. Back then we were moving the car seat inside the Dodge Challenger, with servo driven gauges, SimSteering DD wheel base and rFactor1 event version on triple monitors.

10) Since Dodge and in the next 4 years, we did more than 15 special builds including Dodge Vipers, RAM 1500, Volkswagen GTI's, Peterbilt trucks etc... and traveled with the vehicles doing shows and special events all over north America.

11) In 2016 the Dodge CEO said he is launching a new car that will get wheel lift when launching on a drag strip and he wanted us to make a drag racing simulator, we tried and pleaded with our motion supplier to get something working, but they just would not accommodate our needs, so we knew we had to make our own system. We evaluated all the solutions out there, and just new we had to create it ourselves from scratch. This is where and when DK started.

12) When we launched the Dodge Demon simulators drag race challenge, we had two cars, custom software, a proper drag tree integrated into the software and two vehicles with 12" of travel front and back. Lots of effort went into these vehicles but they put thousands of smiles on so many faces doing Autoshows and NHRA events across the country.

13) In 2019 we decided to offer our motion system to professional consumers. Joichi Mochizuki joined us as an electrical engineer and in charge of all things electrical, including PCB design.

14) Covid came in early 2020 and we launched DK2 in April 2020, with just two games and some very basic features. Some of our early customers were amazing, now many of them are our friends, from all over the world. (thank you for the support/trust guys!)

14) Since 2020 we have launched two more product lines, and now launching DK4x and DK6x (for OEM heavy loads, 5000lbs) and have more than 22 games supported (as of Jan 2024) and VR support coming soon.

15) Everything is build from scratch, it has to be, this includes the mechanical CNC actuators, the electronics and the algorithms and software. We apply the first fundamentals approach to everything we do.

16) Lots more to do in the future. (Circa Feb 2024)