About Sigma

Sigma Integrale is a technology, research and development company for the automotive and truck markets. As a technology company, we are continuously investing in new technologies to improve the level of service and experience for our diverse clients.

Initially, Sigma's patented motion vehicle technology allowed for the suspension system of a real vehicle to move according to driving inputs experienced in a simulated virtual environment. Our technology has been successfully implemented and used around the world in everything from go-karts, economy cars, sedans, sports cars, trucks and more recently big rig semi-trucks.

Sigma does full system integration from the re-engineering suspension components, gauges, controls, various visual displays, sound and choosing the correct immersive technologies to implement in its projects. Sigma also sells its range of DK motion actuators for professional and commercial motion simulation applications. The DK product line uses a unique approach to motion simulation and is arguable the most authentic and best haptic motion system in the world.

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