2017 New York Auto Show | Dodge Demon Dueling Simulators

The Dodge Demon is just one of those cars. In production car standards, it is the highest horsepower of any car, the world’s fastest quarter mile car, world’s fastest acceleration, world’s first wheelie and the highest g-force. Sigma Integrale has been tasked with selling this experience to an audience in the form of a series of drag races that educate the drivers on what this car can accomplish. In the span of 3 drag races, participants learn the rules of a drag race, the launch sequence of the Dodge Demon and its 840 rear-wheel horsepower, and the skill set required to keep the car straight as you pass the 1/4 mile at 140mph in 5th gear in less than 10 seconds! Sigma Integrale had to use some very clever technology to have the 5 systems work together to sell the experience. The 3 main systems involved in this experience was the motion system, the vehicle controls and the software integration. The main features are: Motion System: - 12 inches of front wheel lift (‘wheelie’) on acceleration. - Accurate engine and transmission vibrations. - High speed impacts translation. Vehicle Controls: - Accurate force feedback and post-wheel drop impacts with understeer and oversteer tendancies and speed sensitive steering. - Fully working gauges, with rpm, speed and manual paddle shifters. - Accurate in-car sounds and fully functional interior. Software Integration: - Complete Dodge Demon model with custom in-car sounds and functions. - Recorded Reaction Time, Elapsed Time, Total Time and Speed. - Realistic physics simulation with high driver throughput setup. https://youtu.be/nV142M41PTo https://youtu.be/-S5M3H8rCYU https://youtu.be/D8LzpSxLot8 https://youtu.be/w50g3VWfVM8
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