CES 2017 | Peterbilt 579 Class 8 Mobile Truck Simulator

CES2017 was a great success for Sigma Integrale. Sigma displayed two technologies at the show. A full motion Chevy Cruze real car simulator virtualized on the Nurburgring as a Chevrolet Cruze Racecar with working gauges, actual vehicle controls, realistic motion and display. Also on display was a bolt on Peterbilt 579 real truck simulator. The truck simulator allowed for people to complete a mission in Las Vegas delivering car parts from a distribution center to a local car dealership. Typical speeding, accident and infractions were given to poor drivers. Lot’s of damage was done (albeit virtually) and many drivers were educated in a fun and interactive environment. Till next year! https://youtu.be/dF9LRcuT88c
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