Four years and Five Products

Four years and Five Products

Since our release of the DK2 in April of 2020, Sigma has released 4 other products. These products were directly developed from direct consumer feedback and direction.

DK2 Motion System:

DK2 was originally created to be the best home motion system solution. At under $5000 for the 3-actuator variant, the system is designed to last many years under constant load. Designed from scratch and made here in Pomona, California, the actuator features a billet aluminum body and bracket with a billet solid steal piston fabricated on our very own CNC equipment. The DK2 continues to be the best value for home setups and is one of our best international selling actuators. To this day there is not system like the DK2, fully turn key, fully made from billet and using powerful American made Teknic motors.

DK2+ Motion System:

The DK2+ motion system was designed mostly for sim centers looking for more supported dynamic mass. The DK2+ and DK6 actually share the same NEMA 34 size Teknic motor, compared to the NEMA 23 for the DK2. Similarly the DK2+ also has 2" of stroke but features a much larger and unique actuator body to accommodate the much larger motor. The DK2+ continues to be our top seller as its a perfect compromise of travel and performance and total guaranteed speed capacity of 800 lbs for the 4-actuator system.

DK6 Motion System:

The DK6 was a specific need addressed by our off-road and flights simulation communities. It features the same motor as in the DK2+ but has 3x more travel to better represent each motion layer better. The DK6 is also designed to best represent each vehicle and track type organically, following our design principles of Motion Integrity. This means that certain motion layers are not over-represented, sending false and distracting queues to the driver. A tightly sprung open wheel race car feels as tights on the DK2 as it does on the DK2+ and DK6. However if the environment elevations and banks change, the DK6 is much better at representing those changes, as its much better representing the changes in flight as well. The DK6 continues to be our best selling packaged systems and exclusively used by World of Racing Sim Centers in North America.

DK-X Motion Systems:

The DK-X is our high mass motion system capable of moving 5000 lbs. platforms and full motion vehicle systems. As with the other DK systems, this motion system is designed completely from scratch and features a solid 3" steel piston, unique foot design and a high horsepower Teknic ClearPath motor operating at 240V single or triple phase configurations. The DK-X is available in both 4" and 6" configurations and is only available to qualified Sigma integrators. So far the DK-X has been used to move two Corvettes for the National Corvette Museum (a C7 and C8), as well as a 1978 Datsun 280Z for a Kuwait sim center and a custom motion platform for an OEM truck company for validation and testing. As a specialty projects product, the lead times are much longer for the DK-X than any other DK product.  

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