Mashable: 2014 New York Auto Show

Mashable: 2014 New York Auto Show

Mashable : “6 must see things at the New York Auto Show!”

If there is one thing on this list that you really must do, it’s the Dodge Challenger Challenge. The simulator features a Dodge Challenger integrated with three 60-inch panoramic screens, a reactive seat and interior platform that give you the feeling that you’re really speeding down a professional raceway.

There’s even a leader board displaying the drivers with the best times, a list that will compel most to get back in line for another turn in the incredibly realistic simulator.

We spoke to SigmaTimeAttack’s Peter Sosinski, the developer of the system, and he estimates that, give or take a few bells and whistles, (and, of course, without the Dodge Challenger) putting such a system in your own home could cost around $15,000 to $20,000. Don’t have that laying around? Then get ye to this simulator, post haste. If you don’t already love driving, this simulator could change your mind.

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