Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

Sigma offers various custom solutions and consultation services for various automotive industry sectors and OEM’s. Including:

  • Real-time operating system for various motion & control feedback systems (Ti-RTOS)
  • Remote over-the-air firmware updates and scheduling
  • Remote vehicle control, telemetry and operation
  • Mechanical, electrical and software design and engineering
  • Low latency (30ms) vehicle motion telepresence via IMU integration
  • High frequency (4000 Hz) motion and feedback system reproduction
  • Vehicle performance modeling in various simulation software packages (Unity 3D, Unreal Engine, Assetto Corsa, BeamNG, rFactor)
  • Encrypted driver data collection, analytics and lead generation.
  • Cloud integration to AWS, Azure or decentralized IPFS.
  • Custom low-latency P2P remote control Windows software

Our typical rate for consultation and consulting services starts at $965/day. Please contact us at for information and guidance.

Below is an example of our exhibit driver management, leaderboard and information gathering software.

  • Drivers are asked to put in their information in the tablet prior to driving as they wait in queue for the experience. This can also be done online with their mobile phone.
  • All driver information is collected and displayed later in a live leaderboard and uploaded to the cloud for data collection.
  • The driver starts the experience with just the gas pedal as indicated on the screen.
  • The timed experience is extended with the driver navigating carefully and passing all the timed gates. Any impacts or off-road excursions deduct the available time, therefore penalizing hoonigans that just want to do donuts in the grass and just crash into things and giving more time for skilled drivers.
  • Once the session is completed a time is displayed and their scores are available on live leaderboard.