FAQ 13 - Why we do not offer discounts or promotions.

Discounts, promotions and sales are great!
Due to the nature and in-house manufacturing of our products to keep quality high and costs low (still the only company that makes actuators from billet aluminum for strength and best haptic experience). We want to ensure that the demand and supply of our products is flexible and stays in line with real-time market demands.
Over supply of products just leads to irregular discounts and higher, often hidden costs which are eventually passed onto the customers. Under supply of our products leads to long lead times and disappointment. Keeping our inventory on a per demand basis allows for the best product at the best price for our niche market, with stable pricing, so you are always getting the best price, regardless of the time of year or what anyone else is doing. No need to time your DK purchase based external factors or a special time of year.