2022 | Volkswagen USA Remote RC Project

2022 | Volkswagen USA Remote RC Project

Sigma was responsible for making a remote RC experience for Volkswagen USA with George P. Johnson.

The idea was originally planned in 2018 but really came to fruition in 2021 in under 4 months of hardware, software and electrical development. As patrons come into the Autoshow they are greeted with a 30' x 30' figure eight race track with various elevation changes in the atrium. They quickly notice that the vehicles are being driven remotely by the real time driver displays. They then quickly go into the Autoshow straight towards the VW booth to experience remote RC driving experience.

Sigma developed the technology behind the experience including the custom Traxxas RC car chassis, custom carbon fiber bumpers, customer electric motors, controllers and integrated IMU for the haptic motion system as well as a unique low latency video solution.

The project had its initial ups and downs given the quick development time frame but Sigma managed to make a customer software package for VW, including custom IMU board and UDP transport layers for motion and controls. We initially relied on NDI streaming technology and cameras but have since moved to more advanced cameras for even lower latency and robustness. 

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