Motion Talk 6 – Why we still do it the old school way

A quick video to explain why and how we build our motion systems in house and how we rely on old school manual machines for some of the processes.

Motion Talk 5 – DK2+ Miata Nurburgring

Riding in the DK2+ on the Nurburgring in Germany explaining the differences between DK2 and DK2+ and what it feels like.

Motion Talk 4 - DK2 + Mazda Miata + Nurburgring | Assetto Corsa

A few laps around the Nurburgring with the Mazda Miata in Assetto Corsa, explaining the unique nature of the DK2 motion system, the game and what you can expect to feel in your DK2 motion system.

Motion Talk 3 - Jerk Discussions with Howard

Discussing claimed maximum speed of motion systems and understanding the more intricate nature of relative motion.

Motion Talk 2 – Weight Capacity of Motion Actuators

Howard Lin, head of engineering at Sigma Integrale discusses some of the mechanical properties of actuators and their lifting capabilities. Viewer discretion is advised, video includes math and excel spreadsheets stuff!

Motion Talk 1 – My Motion Against My Motion AGAINST Motion

Howard Lin from Sigma discusses alternative view points to Niels Heusinkveld’s analysis of motion systems.