2015 Sigma Intégrale Full Motion Simulator - Digitally Rendered


The Making of the 2015 Sigma Intégrale Full Motion Simulator  

2015 Sigma Intégrale Full Motion Simulator Debuted at the 2015 Shanghai International Auto Show  

2015 North American International Auto Show

Click on Detroit - Local 4 Detroit TV
"Take a look at the most realistic racing game you'll ever play because you are in a real car!" NAIAS1
"One of the most frustrating things at the auto show is you see all these gorgeous cars and you can't test them. Dodge says I can drive this one! " NAIAS2    
Top Gear
"Dodge Charger - the ultimate gaming chair?" NAIAS3  
The Detroit News
"The Detroit show's first full-car simulator. Take the family for a wild ride in a Charger Hemi."   NAIAS5
"By far the coolest and most elaborate simulator was a Charger Hellcat hooked up to a screen mounted to a wall in front of the car." NAIAS6  
 Detroit Free Press
"About as close to an actual race car driving experience as you can get. Way cool." NAIAS4    

2014 L.A. Auto Show

"The actual car's gauges showed how fast you were going in game, and the actual pedals and steering wheel were the controls.  Even cooler, they let you seat as many passengers as there were seats." LAAS2    

2014 SEMA Show, Las Vegas, NV

Sigma Intégrale
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2014 State Fair of Texas

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
"...and the Ram 1500 3.0L V-6 EcoDiesel simulator—the first ever driving experience that involves a stationary truck moving to what participants see on a screen. To bring the simulator to life, the Ram 1500 EcoDiesel is surrounded by three large displays and the driver is immersed in the luxury and comfort of the Laramie Longhorn trim. The simulator truck has a working speedometer, tachometer and odometer to track the EcoDiesel performance and fuel efficiency." TSF1


2014 San Diego Comic Con

Sin City 2 - A Dame to Kill for
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2014 New York Auto Show

"6 must see things at the New York Auto Show!" New York 1
"What you can't miss at the 2014 New York Auto Show!" New York 2  
"Best Racing Simulator Cockpit Award" New York 3
"What's the coolest looking simulator of the whole show? The Dodge Challenger Challenge!" New York 4